Cycle September – The Global Bike Challenge

Posted Friday 23rd August 2019

Cycle September – The Global Bike Challenge is coming to Eddington!

Cycle September is a fun, free competition for everyone who lives or works in Greater Cambridge. Everyone is invited to join in; it doesn’t matter if you ride every day or if you haven’t been on a bike in years. It’s all about giving it a go.

Eddington is competing as a group, please join us by registering here.

There are loads of prizes - like a holiday to New Zealand, bicycles and a champagne punting trip that you can win by riding and encouraging friends and colleagues.

If you haven’t cycled for years, don’t worry! You only have to ride a bike for 10 minutes for your participation to count towards your team’s score, and you can ride anywhere, anytime during the Challenge.

If you already ride – you already know how enjoyable riding is and how good it makes you feel. So here’s your chance to get your neighbours and workmates to experience how easy and enjoyable riding can be.

To enter the draw, you just need to register on the Love to Ride website and enter your rides manually or by linking to a cycling app.

If when you register your street doesn’t appear please chose a nearby street. Some addresses are not yet on Google which Love to Ride uses. It’s not a problem if your address isn’t accurate and you will still be in the Eddington group.

The Love to Ride website helps members to set themselves goals, track their mileage, earn badges, share photos and encourage others to ride.

Register here

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